I don’t know what I am doing…


I have no idea who, if anyone, is going to read this, but if you are reading it, thank you x

I’m going to start writing once or twice a week, about being a teenager/some common issues that affect everyone like phobias. That will sound really cliché, but a lot of people my age feel like no one understands us, and that no one will listen, so I’m hoping that other teenagers can relate, and any adults can just maybe understand a bit more.

My main aim by writing this, is that even if you’re the only person who reads something I write, hopefully it can make you smile or just feel a tiny bit better, because when one person is happy, it can make everyone else in the room happy as well, and there is too much sadness is the world for that not to happen at least once.

I hope you have/are having/have had a good day, and thank you so much for reading this – my first proper post will be up on Tuesday (30/05/2017), and will be about phobias- they are so so common!

Bye x



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